“I want to show people how to get more inspiration, knowledge, and ideas, helping people increase their creativity with tips and stories from all around the world. By talking about design and introduce amazing creatives people because I think is important to have this chance, and I want you to have it too.”

The Traveler Architect


– Working as an interior designer brought me the love of architecture, design, and ways of living.
– Studying and working abroad brought me the love of travels


First, let me welcome you to ARCHITECT ON THE ROAD community. Now let me present you what this is all about.

After working for the same company for a while, I search for a new position as an interior architect, while I sought for it I realized that highlighting my knowledge as an experienced traveler, whether about cultures or languages didn’t impact others as it impacts me. Only years of experience and profit matter nowadays.

Don’t get me wrong money like benefits are important, I always thought so. But to me, multiculturality is the key to greatness.
Oppositely of what people often say, we are different and that what makes travel so exciting. Learning from each other is a significant aspect of life.
In creative jobs such as designers, architects or artists in general, the knowledge of our world and what he has to offer is a true gift. And storytelling is one tool to access it.



– This blog is for everyone, not only architects.
– It’s for artists, designers, architects, people interested in any of those categories and even more for travel lovers like myself. That you are a nomad or a wanderer, YOU ARE A CREATIVE TRAVELER anyway.
– This website will provide you with posts about historical and new architectures, artists, designers and adventures that I meet during my journeys (god knows that traveling brings crazy adventures to you).
– These articles will bring you inspiration to your everyday life in terms of design ideas and travels ideas.

In conclusion, that you have a love for world architecture, feel a need of inspiration or fun adventurous break in your day this blog is for you.


My name is Celine Hautefaye. I am originally from the south west of France, and now I became a full-time nomad.
I got many passions and interests but two got me since my childhood, travels, and arts. But is in 2010 after studying in San Francisco USA and Beijing China that it all began. What began you may be wondering, my obsession with traveling the world. Yes obsession, exploring new cultures, meeting new people and diving into unknown places, crushed all of my dreams.

After a year studying languages abroad, I moved to Dublin Ireland to study interior architecture. My diplomas in my pocket I started working around France more specifically in Paris. As I said earlier my experience as an interior designer and a traveler didn’t bring me a job I value and make me happy and like a lot of people from my generation I struggle against trust issues and incomprehension of the job industry nowadays. Also, my obsession with travel became a necessity (yes it gets you all the time).

So I thought why not me, why not create a blog that would bring my experience as an architect and my passion for traveling the world together. And help others to design a better world.
Then here we are… I became a creative traveler…following this simple quote; Inspire, learn, travels: create.

Celine in France


I hope you’ll find in this website inspire and helpful contents if so you can also follow me on my social media ( they are all over the site) and subscribe to my newsletter to be updating and received personal design advice.
And last but not least if you have ideas, request or if you’d like to see something different on the blog I encourage you to contact me at celine@architectontheroad.com or comments, I’m writing this site for us, it’s our blog let’s try to be a creative community in this crazy world!!

My fellow creative travelers, I hope to see you on the road, KISS!!